Cyber Defense Network

Cyber Defense Network

NC4 Cyber Defense Network

NC4's Cyber Defense Network (CDN) is designed to help our nation's critical infrastructure communities and private sector companies defend themselves against cyber threats with greater efficiency, effectiveness and speed.

CDN Cyber Triage

In the battleground of cyber warfare where both communities and enterprises are overloaded, triage of threats is essential. CDN provides a multi-tier cyber triage capability that drives proactive cyber defensive actions. Fast, effective and efficient triage is accomplished by a composite of people, technology and processes enabled by CDN. The core CDN triage functions are distributed across three tiers:

  • Tier 1 – In your trusted community: CDN powerfully enables specific trusted, closed, communities to triage threats. 
  • Tier 2– On the Edge of your Enterprise - Automated Triage: NC4 provides the secure Soltra Edge® solution on-premise within your enterprise.
  • Tier 3– Enterprise Internal Triage: Your internal specialists further triage and analyze threats and determine courses of action using TIPS, SIEMS, etc.


For Community level audiences, CDN can power the next generation of ISACs and ISAOs through the advanced triage and automation capabilities. For Enterprise level audiences, including corporate risk management, the CISO and SOC analysts, CDN improves internal effectiveness and efficiency in dealing with cyber threats.

Foundational Elements:

  • NC4 Mission Center™ is a secure portal-based solution used by cyber security specialists in the world's top critical infrastructure communities. Mission Center enables secure information sharing and collaboration among trust groups. 
  • Soltra Edge® is a standards (STIX/TAXII) -based solution pioneered and developed by the FS-ISAC and DTCC. Soltra was acquired by NC4 in November of 2016.

Automation Action Principles

CDN employs a variety of operational modes to adapt to diverse cyber security organizations, processes, and cultures. These include manual mode, semi-automatic “human-in-the-loop” mode, fully automatic, parallel or hybrid mode. These modes include simulation capability as well as audit and log capability.


Critical infrastructure community members can join the Early Adopter Program. You must be an NC4 Soltra Edge customer and be willing to actively engage and participate with other members. NC4 will be limiting the number of early participants. Current Soltra Edge customers will receive priority.

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