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NC4 Travel Risk Management Solutions

Travel Risk Management Solutions

As organizations expand their global footprint, it is increasingly important to have up-to-date intelligence on global risks from travel risk management companies in order to protect employee travelers and expats. Organizations need a travel risk assessment that contains timely information on health, safety, crime, terrorism, economic conditions and political developments at a local level, and the ability to visualize this information alongside employee travel itineraries to better understand the organization's risk exposure.

Global organizations turn to NC4 to get the relevant information they need, when they need it. NC4 solutions set a new standard in Travel Risk Management by combining travel intelligence, traveler tracking, real-time threat alerting and predictive intelligence in one place – at your fingertips.

NC4 safety and security solutions improves an organizations risk visibility with a 360° view of their travel risk exposure and a powerful suite of tools for travel risk management. Benefits include:

  • Prepare travelers with customized and automated pre-trip advisories
  • Send targeted alerts to at-risk travelers
  • Fulfill duty of care requirements
  • Enable a confident response when problems arise
  • Create reports that support price negotiations and budgeting requirements

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