Situational Awareness to Mitigate Risks for the Telecom industry

Resiliency Management in the Telecommunications Industry

From wireless carriers to cable and satellite TV operators, telecommunications companies with extensive networks and numerous customer call centers can't run the risk of downtime. Telecom companies have spent years and millions of dollars investing in technology to maintain 5 nines availability. Explosive growth and increased competition puts added pressure on telecom companies to operate more cost-effectively while at the same time maintain high availability to ensure superior customer satisfaction and meet rigid Service Level Agreements. Implementing effective resiliency programs that incorporate real-time, incident monitoring and situational awareness to understand the impacts of external events on employees, critical assets and business operations is crucial for achieving continued 5 nines availability.

NC4 has helped four of the five largest Fortune 500 telecommunications companies, in addition to many others, to implement innovative and resilient risk management solutions to address operational challenges. Providing near real-time information about incidents in close proximity to critical network components such as Mobile Switching Centers and Base Station Controllers, NC4 Risk Center proactively notifies network operations centers when incidents have the potential to impact a critical asset. The powerful alert profile capability allows Business Continuity and crisis management teams to receive notifications of fires, flooding, civil unrest, school lockdowns, severe weather, hazmat and other incidents that may impact employees and critical facilities such as customer call centers. NC4 alerts include details such as the zip codes of areas being evacuated allowing for quick assessment of the scope of the impact based on the home addresses of affected employees.

NC4 safety and security solutions have the flexibility to easily integrate into enterprise systems, allowing timely, relevant events to be put in context with other important customer-specific information. NC4 incident information is geo-coded at the street-level wherever possible, allowing for visualization on street and satellite maps of proximity to critical assets, employee homes, traveling employees or other key locations. Other benefits include:

  • Maintain high availability via rapid mitigation of operational disruptions
  • Improves overall understanding of risk drivers and geographical concentration of risk
  • Provides visibility of potentially affected physical assets, along with key-contact information in geographic context for immediate risk visualization
  • Historical reporting highlights potential risk exposure to support facility and asset expansion initiatives

Contact us to learn how NC4 brings telecommunications companies situational awareness through a comprehensive, common operating picture of their switching network locations, data centers, customer call centers, network operation centers and other critical facilities throughout the world, and the tools to connect, communicate and collaborate in near real-time to minimize disruption and keep the organization resilient.