Risk Management

NC4 Supply Chain Risk Management Solutions

Supply Chain Risk Management Solutions

Earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods and other disasters have the power to disrupt the world's economies. The 2011 Japan earthquake is a case in point, causing the largest disruption to the global supply chain in modern history. The extreme damage wrought from the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant meltdowns took its toll on many of the world's vital supply chains.

But what of smaller events like an industrial fire at a manufacturing facility causing a shortage in component parts, or a port strike or train derailment that causes delays in critical shipments? Timely information on events that may not get international media attention allows you to react more quickly, avoiding supply chain disruption.

At the core of Supply Chain Risk Management lies risk visibility, a key differentiator for resilient supply chains. NC4 Risk Center™ gives you the ability to map locations and contact information for key suppliers in your supply chain. It provides you with real-time intelligence to minimize any downtime. When disaster strikes, NC4 alerts you to the situation and gives you the ability to visualize these risks alongside your supply chain to better understand your organization's overall risk exposure. Benefits include:

  • Improve overall understanding of risk drivers and geographical concentration of risk
  • Speed the ability to mitigate supply chain disruptions
  • Get quick access to supplier/vendor key-contact information, in geographic context
  • Use our exclusive Historical Reporting and Analysis tools to build greater resiliency into your supply chain            

Contact us to learn how NC4's proactive monitoring platform will streamline your ability to monitor and analyze worldwide incidents and events to dramatically increase your ability to prepare and respond to risks that threaten your supply chain, people and organization  – locally and globally.