Strategic Consulting

Situational Awareness to Mitigate Risks 

for the Strategic Consulting industry

Revolutionizing Safety & Security Solutions for Strategic Consulting

Occupy Wall Street, protests, strikes, storms, tornados, power outages and volcano ash clouds that result in travel delays are but a few of the situations that can potentially disrupt and prevent consulting progress at customer and project sites. Where can these organizations turn to for reliable, early, relevant situational awareness of incidents near their customer and project locations, and those traveling, so that they have the most time to respond and adjust to the circumstances at hand?

Consulting efforts at customer and project sites, and those traveling to and from these locations, must continue with minimal disruption. Loss of time is loss of revenue. Strategic Consulting organizations can have numerous, far-reaching project and customer sites, where weather, transportation incidents, subway/train/air travel delays, and strikes can have serious detrimental effects on employees being able to perform their duties. Alerts of incidents near customer and project sites, and situations affecting employee departure and arrival travel destinations are necessary to sustain consulting efforts and reduce loss of billable time and expenses.

By receiving early, real-time updates of situations, and eliminating the noise of late, irrelevant information, Strategic Consulting organizations can focus on what they do best: provide top-notch consulting services to customers. NC4 safety and security solutions provide organizations with timely, comprehensive global threat and incident information, relevant to their needs, bringing the following benefits:

  • Speeds the ability to mitigate disruptions to operations
  • Improves overall understanding of risk drivers and geographical concentration of risk
  • Provides quick access to project/customer key-contact information, in geographic context for instant visualization of potential bottlenecks
  • Improves the bid and budgeting process by helping identify potential risks that could result in missed project deadlines and project cost overruns


Contact us to learn how NC4 can help improve situational awareness for your strategic consulting business, bringing you a comprehensive, common operating picture, and the tools to connect, communicate and collaborate in near real-time to minimize disruption to your organization's operations and employees.