Situational Awareness to Mitigate Risks for the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry

Revolutionizing Safety & Security Solutions for Retail

Retailers around the world face many unique challenges as they work to protect their brand names, company reputation, retail revenue streams, physical assets, supply chains, employees, and customers on a daily basis. In today's complex and often unstable world in which many retailers now operate, all-hazards threats and the associated risks they pose to your organization are no longer contained within the walls of your store front, but extend beyond to the surrounding areas in which you operate. The Boston Bombings punctuated the unfortunate reality that the world is changing and threats can be right outside our door. Robberies, shootings, fires, floods, power outages, tornados, and other high risk incidents all have the potential to disrupt retail operations, jeopardize the health and safety of your customers and employees, and ultimately threaten stakeholder value.

A key differentiator for resilient retail operations is situational awareness. The ability to mitigate retail operational risk brought by man-made and natural disasters starts with having early situational awareness of potential disruptions. Receiving early warning on a 24x7 basis from a trusted source of an impending problem affords retailers the opportunity to proactively prepare a well-choreographed response versus a reactive, knee-jerk response to incidents and events. By providing timely, predictive and actionable intelligence pertaining to incidents that could threaten your retail outlets, NC4 shifts the burden of creating situational awareness to a dedicated team of experts focused solely on improving your organizations capability in monitoring, gathering, analyzing, reporting, escalating and responding to incidents and events that threaten your organization's well-being.

NC4 safety and security solutions provide retailers with timely, comprehensive global threat and incident information and the ability to visualize these risks alongside their storefronts to better understand their organization's overall risk exposure on a minute-to-minute basis. Benefits include:

  • A 360 degree view of the world in which you operate
  • The ability to quickly identify incidents/events worldwide that pose significant risk to retail locations and operations
  • Protect the health, life, safety and productivity of employees and customers (i.e. Duty of Care)
  • Historical Reporting and Analysis to aid those tasked with facility planning/expansion initiatives
  • Streamline risk related decision making processes
  • Reduce labor costs

Contact us to learn how NC4 can bring your organization situational awareness through a comprehensive, common operating picture, and the tools to connect, communicate and collaborate in near real-time to minimize disruption to your retail operations.