Oil and Gas

Risk visibility solutions for oil and gas

Revolutionizing Safety & Security Solutions for Oil and Gas

The oil, gas, and energy industries are constantly confronted with the dilemma for how to best protect high-value production facilities, assets and employee travelers in high-threat regions of the world. Political uprisings and civil unrest, port strikes, targeted terrorist attacks, infrastructure failures, transportation disruptions and worker strikes all have the potential to become very costly, disruptive events for this industry. With today's ever increasing exposure to impactful incidents and events, organization's in the oil, gas and energy industries must strengthen their global and domestic situational awareness position. Whether in an up-stream, mid-stream or down-stream production environment, these entities must protect operations and employees by having access to the fastest, most relevant and reliable all-hazards information available in the industry today.

One critical, first step to protecting oil and gas operations and employees is early awareness of any incidents that are close enough, or severe enough to potentially affect them. Alerts of up-to-date, real-time all-hazard incidents and intelligence, directly to the right people in your organization, helps reduce disruptions and minimize risk. NC4 safety and security solutions give you the advantage of receiving real-time data to make those split-second critical decisions, and eliminate communication delays which is critical to any efficiently run global command center.

By receiving early, real-time updates of situations, and eliminating the noise of late, irrelevant information, organizations are in a better position to protect production facilities, assets and employee travelers in high-threat regions of the world. NC4 solutions provide organizations with timely, comprehensive global threat and incident information, relevant to their needs, bringing the following benefits:

  • Improves overall understanding of risk drivers and geographical concentration of risk
  • Heightens situational awareness to enable responsible and actionable risk mitigation
  • Provides quick access to key-contact information, in geographic context
  • Browser-based, anytime, anywhere accessibility

Contact us to learn how NC4 gives organizations involved in the oil, gas and energy industry the necessary tools to mitigate risk, and improve corporate-wide situational awareness through a comprehensive, common operating picture of their risk posture, and the tools to connect, communicate and collaborate in near real-time to minimize disruption to an organization.