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The privacy of confidential and protected data is harder and harder to maintain. As your organization works to meet budget constraints, some individuals may share data inappropriately, and even well managed vendors may take shortcuts or refuse to provide transparency into their protections and business practices concerning your data.

NC4 has a history working with highly confidential data that requires rigorous protections and provides complete transparency. NC4 offers organizations what large cloud providers cannot – transparency into the security practices protecting your data. Based on the extensive controls listed in the National Institute for Standards and Technology (Special Publication 800-53 version 3), NC4's Managed Services integrates management oversight with specific software methodologies to remove vulnerabilities with a tightly managed server farm (NC4 owned and operated) that provides very high availability. This integrated process allows full control over your data at all times. Additionally, since the NC4 business model is not based on advertising, NC4 will never give access to, or sell your data to third party advertising entities which may expose your organization to liability based on U.S. and International Privacy Laws.

NC4's Managed Services are built to secure your data and provide the confidentiality, integrity, and availability that you should expect from your service providers. By choosing NC4 you can:

  • Quickly realize the value of NC4 solutions knowing that internal security and privacy concerns are already covered
  • Rest assured that your data is indeed under your control
  • Have visibility into the NC4 security and incident handling processes

Contact us to learn how NC4 and one of our safety and security solutions can give you turn-key, immediate access to privacy and security compliance solutions to speed up your operation and keep your data safe.