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Homeland Security Solutions

For those involved in securing the nation against terrorist activity, bureaucratic red tape oftentimes impedes critical information sharing across organizational boundaries, which can open the door to national security threats. The ability to share information in real-time and collaborate on that information, increases the situational awareness of those tasked with securing the nation, ultimately reducing vulnerabilities.

NC4 safety and security solutions provide organizations involved in homeland security-based missions tremendous cost savings, while at the same time provides compliance with numerous security standards and the ability to meet federal certifications and accreditations. With a primary focus on security, NC4 solutions meet or exceed federal standards for handling sensitive information such as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), For Official Use Only (FOUO) and Law Enforcement Sensitive (LES) data.

NC4 solutions have been operationally proven for years with numerous government agencies. NC4's Managed Services currently supports more than 2,500 homeland security communities with more than 100,000 Managed Services-based members. NC4 solutions provide the following benefits to organizations supporting homeland security:

  • Relatively low cost per user
  • Information sharing that spans both intra and intergovernmental organizations at the federal, state, and local level and in private sector organizations supporting critical infrastructure
  • Confidentiality and integrity of information
  • Reliability of systems and processes
  • Community management and cross-community communications

Contact us to learn how NC4 and our safety and security solutions can help you securely share information and collaborate on that information in real-time and across organizational boundaries while protecting our nation’s sensitive information.