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Resiliency Management in the High Tech Industry

The high tech industry faces a myriad of challenges managing operational risk. High tech manufacturers typically have complex, geographically diverse supply chains subject to disruption from natural disasters, severe weather, labor strikes, terrorism and other incidents. Many high tech companies operate large data centers, network operation and call centers and other critical facilities throughout the world. Embedding resiliency into the operational risk management program begins with having real-time, incident monitoring and situational awareness to understand the impacts of external events on critical assets and key suppliers.

NC4 has helped four of the six largest Fortune 500 computer software companies and several other leading high tech companies to implement innovative and resilient risk management solutions to cope with their operational challenges. NC4 provides timely, comprehensive global threat and incident information as an automated feed for an enterprise-wide, integrated, and highly customized risk management dashboard serving the safety, security, crisis management and supply chain groups within these high tech organizations.

NC4 safety and security solutions have the flexibility to be easily integrated into enterprise systems, allowing NC4 incident information to be put in context with other important company content. NC4 incident information is geo-coded at the street-level wherever possible, allowing for visualization overlays on street maps and satellite imagery to show the proximity to critical assets, suppliers, travel itineraries or other key locations. Other benefits include:

  • Improves overall understanding of risk drivers and geographical concentration of risk
  • Speeds the ability to mitigate operational and supply chain disruptions
  • Provides visibility of potentially affected suppliers, along with key-contact information in geographic context for immediate risk visualization
  • Historical reporting aids periodic review and evaluation of operational resiliency

Contact us to learn how NC4 brings high tech organizations situational awareness through a comprehensive, common operating picture of their supply chains, data centers, network operation centers and other critical facilities throughout the world to help minimize disruption and keep an organization resilient.