Risk Management

NC4 Enterprise Risk Management Solutions

Enterprise Risk Management Solutions

Threats know no organizational boundaries. Threats can be targeted at any part of an organization and can quickly impact stakeholder value. Up-the-ante when you factor in globalization. Protecting your brand, reputation, intellectual property, supply and distribution chains, customer relations and employees requires risk visibility and a coordinated response to mitigate risks and stop the potential for a disastrous chain reaction across the enterprise.

Achieving an enterprise-wide coordinated response to mitigate risk is a challenge. Organizations that take an Enterprise Risk Management approach to the organization's overall risk position are in a better position to reduce vulnerabilities, and ultimately, increase stakeholder value. For an organization to have a full understanding of risk interdependencies across the enterprise, they turn to NC4 for a comprehensive, common operating picture of their global risk exposure.

NC4 safety and security solutions provide organizations with proactive, relevant information and predictive intelligence of risks that could threaten critical infrastructure, cause business disruption or affect employee health and safety. NC4 solutions complement an organization's Enterprise Risk Management program, bringing the following benefits:

  • Extends the organization's ability to monitor, gather and analyze potential risks
  • Heightens situational awareness to enable intelligent risk management and mitigation
  • Speeds escalation and response times
  • Reduces overhead costs
  • Improves intelligence sharing for informed decision making across the enterprise

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