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Disasters over the past decade have dealt a staggering blow to the emergency management community. Events like the Christchurch Earthquake, the Japan Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and September 11 have brought reflection and assessment of critical vulnerabilities, highlighting the fact that the emergency management landscape has changed. Adapting systems and operating procedures to enable more effective collaboration and to speed mutual aid across jurisdictional boundaries is critical when it comes to saving lives and protecting the health and safety of the public, responders and recovery workers.

NC4 has been closely involved in the emergency management community for over ten years, providing solutions that enable jurisdictions to work seamlessly across boundaries to prepare for, prevent, respond to and recover from planned and unplanned events. NC4 safety and security solutions bring the emergency management community a common operating picture and resource management tools in a secure, web-accessible application.

NC4 solutions provide interoperability across systems and have been operationally proven for years supporting national security special events, Olympics, World Series, Super Bowl, hurricanes, floods, U.S. Presidential Inaugurations and other cross jurisdictional events. With NC4’s Managed Services, we are able to tie together thousands of members in support of our nation’s security. NC4 solutions are also used in multiple countries around the world to manage international incidents and multi-national activities.

NC4 solutions bring the emergency management community these benefits:

  • Speed reimbursement with real-time resource tracking
  • Enhance situational awareness by having a common operating picture based on real-time, historical and GIS mapping data, incident information and shared information
  • Supports industry interoperability standards including ICS, CAP, NWEM, HAVE, EDXL, NIEM and NIEM Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)
  • Secure Managed Services or on-premise options

Contact us to learn how NC4 can help you enable more effective collaboration and speed mutual aid across jurisdictional boundaries.