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Cyber Defense Solutions

As the Internet continues to evolve and becomes interwoven into the fabric of our everyday lives, more and more organizations are conducting business processes exclusively online or have a growing online presence. Almost anything can be done online, from making purchases and paying invoices, to accessing health records, to communicating with customers and conducting R&D on new products. With more and more information moving through cyberspace comes greater opportunities for information compromise.  Over the past several years, cyber-attacks have accelerated in frequency, likelihood and sophistication which is why cybersecurity awareness is so important. The more notable cyber-attacks have targeted key communities in finance, defense, retail – communities that are integral to our national and economic security.

NC4 explains why Cyber Defense solutions are ideal for crowdsourcing cyber threat intelligence

NC4's Cyber Defense solutions have been operationally proven for over a decade, supporting communities that span domestic and foreign government agencies and private companies in the exchange of cyber threat intelligence and cybersecurity awareness. With over 3,000 organizations representing approximately 16,000 cyber professionals across 30 communities, our solutions are purpose-built for the sharing of actionable cyber threat intelligence. NC4 proudly operates the exchange used by the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC), the global financial industry's go to resource for cyber and physical threat intelligence analysis and sharing. FS-ISAC is currently active with members and partners across countries and regions throughout North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia/Pacific. In addition to FS-ISAC, NC4 operates cyber threat exchanges for several companies in the defense community.

NC4's Cyber Defense solutions provide communities with a secure and trusted platform to enable a coordinated response to cyber-attacks and a mechanism to discuss cyber threat activities with internal and external constituents within a trusted community. Embracing a circles of trust approach leverages the defense of the entire cyber security community to reduce the likelihood of an attack, and keeps you in control of the information you share. Benefits include:

  • A proven and trusted infrastructure that optimizes the human interaction component, allowing cyber professionals to exchange unstructured risk information in real-time with their trusted communities
  • Immediate availability, requiring no development
  • Removes obstacles to collaboration, reducing the friction in sharing information with the right people and making it “hard to make a mistake”
  • Unlike other threat sharing environments, you control your data and decide how and with whom to share through circles of trust that you control
  • Out-of-band communication in a separate security domain from your environment supports you in the event your infrastructure is breached
  • Deep audit tracking to support your insight into who has touched your data and when

Common defense is common sense. Join the common defense and increase your ability to defend your organization. Contact us to learn how NC4 can help you expand your defenses and stop cyber threats with our Cyber Defense solutions.