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Aerospace & Defense Risk Visibility Solutions

Revolutionizing Safety & Security Solutions for Aerospace and Defense

The Aerospace and Defense industry is responsible for creating systems that protect our nation's interests at home and abroad. Integral to this mission is the protection of reputations, intellectual property, supply and distribution chains, customer relations and employees. For these systems to be effective, they must have an advanced level of risk visibility as part of their overall system framework.

Achieving an awareness and coordinated response to risks is a challenge, which is why many Aerospace and Defense organizations turn to NC4. Five of the six largest Fortune 500 Aerospace and Defense companies are NC4 customers. NC4 solutions provide a comprehensive, common operating picture of risk exposure, and the tools to connect, communicate and collaborate in near real-time to protect an organization's assets.

NC4 solutions provide organizations with proactive, relevant information and predictive intelligence of risks that could threaten infrastructure, cause business disruption or affect employee health and safety. NC4 solutions complement an organization's Enterprise Risk Management program, bringing the following benefits:

  • Extends the organization's ability to monitor, gather and analyze potential risks
  • Heightens situational awareness to enable intelligent risk management and mitigation
  • Speeds escalation and response times
  • Reduces overhead costs
  • Improves intelligence sharing for informed decision making across the enterprise

Contact us to learn how NC4 can help the Aerospace and Defense industry create systems with an advanced level of risk visibility as part of their overall system framework so that our nation’s interests are protected at home and abroad.