Soltra Edge™

Soltra Edge

Founded by DTCC and FS-ISAC, Soltra was acquired by the leading supplier of cyber threat intelligence sharing solutions, NC4, in November 2016.

The new Soltra Edge v2.10 release that became available on March 23, brings all the powerful capabilities that have come to make Soltra Edge the most widely used Cyber Threat Communications Platform for two-way sharing of cybersecurity information. Here is what you can expect in the newest release:

  • Licensing Model  – Added support for Soltra Edge Enterprise, Standard, and Limited Edition licenses enabling our customers to take advantage of the latest features and improvements in a solution that fits your needs
  • Added FedGov support which enables our US Government customers to share with the Department of Homeland Security
  • Improved password hashing to be in line with current best practices
  • Improved the user experience and fixed an issue where some customers were previously unable to upgrade from 2.8.1
  • Adapters  – Fixed an issue where adapters did not work in Soltra Edge 2.9.2. All adapters now work in 2.10.
  • Added backup and restore scripts so that users can better back up their threat intelligence. These had been temporarily removed from a previous version.

Pricing for Soltra Edge Standard starts at $15,000/year. Start with a free 90-day trial! Click on the download link in the right column here to get started!

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