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E Team EOC-Software

Public Safety and Incident Management Solutions

Events often span a region, affecting communities across jurisdictional and agency boundaries. Whether the event is planned or unplanned, the ability to quickly and securely collaborate among organizations is paramount to protecting the health and safety of the public, responders and recovery workers.

NC4's Emergency Operations Center (EOC) software solution E Team is ideal for large and/or cross-jurisdictional emergency management organizations. It provides a common operating picture so organizations can respond quickly to any crisis situation and execute a coordinated response based on real-time and historical information. The information in E Team can be simultaneously shared among emergency response teams, decision makers, and other agencies during the planning, response and recovery phase of an emergency.

E Team provides a complete set of web-based emergency management tools that are easy-to-use and bring efficiency to managing an emergency, both inside the EOC and out on the streets. Out-of-the-box functionality includes:

  • Incident and Emergency Event reporting
  • Resources, Critical Assets and Vendor management
  • Critical Infrastructure tracking of hospitals, shelters, roads, transit and utilities
  • Intel tracking and management is useful for Law Enforcement and Fusion Centers
  • Duty logs for recording all significant activities and actions taken during a shift
  • Planned Events and Activities reporting
  • Call Center tracking
  • Damage Assessment for determining location, nature and severity of damage
  • Agency Situation reporting for high-level overview of a disaster's impact
  • Jurisdiction Situation reporting for high-level overview of available information
  • Corporate Situation reporting assists in analyzing a disaster's economic impact to the private sector
  • Action Planning for managing objectives or missions
  • Case Management to control disbursement of goods and services with a single, unified record to support disaster recovery efforts
  • Donations and Volunteer management
  • Hazmat Tier II reporting of detailed data on facilities that house Tier II chemicals
  • Public Information module for coordinating the dissemination of information
  • Organization and Staffing Charts to plan and document command post staffing
  • The Directory provides ready access to staff as well as non-personnel, by skill set
  • Real Time Messaging to aid communications
  • COOP reporting in accordance with HSPD 7 and FPC 65 guidelines
  • Analysis and Reporting Engine (ARE) for at-a-glance dashboard views
  • Custom Forms for greater flexibility in tailoring the system for the specific needs of your organization
  • Esri-compliant mapping and overlay capability with NC4 Maps
  • Position-based menus simplify the user interface and experience
  • Replication Services (DRS) for redundancy, provided as local or Software as a Service (SaaS) hot back-up
  • Global Incident Monitor enhances global situational awareness
  • WSDL Web Services and REST API
  • Robust Security that meets NIST requirements as required by federal entities to obtain Certification & Accreditation
  • Support for Multiple Mass Notification Emergency Alerting Systems

E Team is being used by federal, state and local governments and corporate enterprises in a variety of integrated applications such as; crisis management, planned event management, continuity of operations (COOP), interagency task forces, intelligence fusion and law enforcement, to name a few. And, it is the only emergency management solution in the market that meets stringent security requirements for installations requiring advanced levels of security.

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